Scorecard Tools

What are country Scorecards?

Drawing on the success of the continental ALMA Scorecard for Accountability and Action, Heads of State requested support to develop country owned national scorecards.

This work has been informed by ALMA’s experience in developing and implementing the ALMA malaria scorecard for action and accountability.

To date, ALMA has assisted 40 countries across Africa in the development and strengthening of national and sub-national scorecard management tools and action trackers.

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ALMA has assisted countries across Africa in the development and strengthening of national Malaria, RMNCAH, and NTD scorecards. Between 2012 and 2020 ALMA has supported the development of:

  • 29 RMNCAH Scorecards
  • 40 malaria Scorecards
  • 6 NTD Scorecards
  • 5 Community Scorecards
  • 2 Nutrition Scorecard (AFDB and TZ)

Scorecard management tools support programme management by:

  • Providing an online management system to help countries track performance of key indicators and manage actions and workplans
  • Using existing quarterly data to inform actions that address key emerging issues.
  • Facilitating action, accountability and advocacy at national, and sub-national levels through the action tracker and workplan functions, in addition to data visualisation tools.
  • Scorecards are updated quarterly and integrated into existing management and decision making processes.

ALMA has continuously supported the implementation and strengthening of country scorecards in order to:

  • Strengthen the capacity to ensure sustained use of the tool
  • Document best practices