Scorecard tools


Scorecard management tools for health are easy to understand data visualisation tools that use different colours to indicate whether a health priority is performing well, making some progress or performing badly.

Scorecard tools help leaders at different levels (from heads of state and government to community leaders) make informed data-driven decisions on health. Scorecard tools make it easier for leaders to:

  • track health performance
  • identify bottlenecks or gaps
  • increase accountability
  • drive action
The ALMA Scorecard for Accountability and Action. Each country's performance is tracked across several indicators.

Tracking progress and identifying bottlenecks

Through the use of scorecard tools, we support African Union member states to track progress and identify and overcome bottlenecks in the delivery of health services for malaria, NTDs, RMNCAH and nutrition, and for quality of care at community level.

Operationalised at all levels of the health system

These scorecard tools are operationalised at continental, regional, national, sub-national and community levels and serve as key management tools for sustaining political and leadership commitment to health service delivery.

Scorecard tools we support

At ALMA, we support 4 different types of scorecard tools. Each scorecard tool meets the needs of different leaders and covers different levels of the health system.