Mozambique Fundo da Malaria


Following Cyclone Idai – which impacted central Mozambique in early 2019 – ALMA, Goodbye Malaria, and the national malaria control programme established an emergency fund to mobilise financial resources to prevent an upsurge in malaria cases in affected regions. This fund received more than US$150,000 in contributions, which were provided to the national malaria control programme. This was the first time that some donors had been able to donate directly to the national malaria control programme through a domestic funding mechanism. As a result, there was no increase in malaria. Following this experience, it was decided to establish a permanent End Malaria Fund – the Fundo da Malaria. 

Launched in 2020, the Fundo da Malaria is a non-profit foundation established to mobilise, pool, and distribute financial and in-kind resources to support the national malaria strategic plan. In addition to mobilising resources, the fund has supported multisectoral advocacy and social and behavioural change communications with several board members participating in national and global campaigns.

The fund is managed by an independent board of directors composed of senior private sector and community leaders. The fund is presently chaired by the Reverend Dr Felicidade Chirinda, President of the Mozambique Christian Council. 

Key commitments

More than US$8 million has been pledged by the private sector to Fundo da Malaria, the national malaria control programme and its partners. 

Millennium BIM donated US$100,000 to support social and behavioural change communications and other activities during the 2021/22 malaria season. The fund also financed the procurement of equipment for indoor residual spraying teams and maintenance of vehicles. 

Religious leaders from the board of directors participated in television and radio broadcasts organised by PIRCOM (a civil society organisation composed of inter-faith leaders) to promote malaria messaging. 

The fund partnered with a national civil society organisation to train community mobilisers to distribute social and behavioural change communications messaging for malaria prevention and treatment and facilitate dialogues on gender equity in the fight against malaria.

The fund has supported the recruitment of national malaria youth champions in partnership with the national malaria control programme and is supporting the creation of a national malaria youth corps.

The fund facilitated the creation of a Parliamentary Forum on Malaria to support advocacy for increased public funding for health and recruitment of MPs to serve as malaria champions. 

Gabriel Junior: Special Advisor to the Fundo da Malaria board

Gabriel is a Member of Parliament in Mozambique, and Special Advisor to the Board of the Fundo da Malaria secretariat.

A businessman and proprietor of Africa Communications Group, Gabriel coordinates nationwide efforts in mobilising multi-sectoral action towards national malaria control and elimination initiatives.

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