Areas of Focus


ALMA was established by African Heads of State and Government uniting in a coordinated and effective response to address the scourge of malaria.

ALMA has been working since 2009 to keep malaria high on the political and policy agenda at global, national and local levels, provide a forum for high level advocacy for the elimination of malaria by 2030, to provide a forum to review progress and address challenges being faced in meeting the malaria targets; and to provide a forum for sharing of information and best practices on combating malaria.

Through the development of the scorecard management tool for accountability, ALMA has also been advocating for data-driven decision-making, transparency, accountability and action on malaria, child and maternal health, NTDs and nutrition.

RMNCAH & Nutrition

At the request of Heads of State, ALMA has supported countries to develop and implement scorecard and action tracker management tools showing each country’s performance on critical reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent indicators.

These tools are discussed at highest political levels and are embedded in routine management mechanisms at the subnational and community level, further enhancing transparency and driving action.


In 2017, ALMAs mandate to support strengthened accountability and action was extended in support of the the Regional Strategic Plan for Neglected Tropical Diseases in African Region 2014-2020, also embedded in the SDG 3.3 goal.

As such an NTD indicator was included in the ALMA Scorecard and the ALMA secretariat is supporting countries to develop standalone country scorecard management tools to track progress.