In 2011, ALMA Heads of State and Government requested a scorecard to enhance tracking and accountability for malaria. Developed primarily for Heads of State and Government, the ALMA scorecard for action and accountability is now used by senior political leaders including Heads of State and Governemnt and Ministers of Health, National Malaria Control Programmes and development partners to facilitate tracking of progress and strengthening accountability for malaria control and elimination across the continent.

The scorecard accountability tool, which is updated quarterly and produced in five languages is based on tracking of high-priority indicators, analysis of their performance and development and tracking of corrective actions.

The scorecard tool has three complementary components:

1) The scorecard, which displays country-level performance against key malaria, NTD and RMNCAH indicators for 46 malaria-endemic countries in Africa highlighting successes and shortfalls in performance. The Scorecard currently includes 11 malaria indicators covering financing, coverage and impact, seven RMNCAH and one NTD tracer indicator.

2) An overview report summarising the status of malaria and its determinants on the continent, and highlighting emerging challenges and successes.

3) Country quarterly reports which provide a summary of performance for each country and document and track recommended actions to address identified bottlenecks. Every quarter the countries provide feedback on recommended actions with >80% response rate.

The ALMA Scorecard for Accountability and Action is incorporated in AU documentation for dissemination to the Heads of State and Government. Additionally, the ALMA secretariat disseminates the scorecard and quarterly reports directly to Heads of State and Government, Ministers of Health and Finance, African ambassadors to the AUC and UN, and key malaria partners.