Joy Phumaphi & Dr Michael Adekunle Charles: How do we defeat malaria in Africa and spur development?

Joy Phumaphi (ALMA Executive Secretary) and Dr Michael Adekunle Charles (RBM Partnership CEO) authored an opinion piece for Devex.

Africa has made significant progress in malaria control, but imminent threats could reverse these gains. Urgent action is needed to prevent a potential malaria resurgence.

In the long term, we need assured and sustained responses that are Africa-led and -owned. This is the true essence of the Yaoundé Declaration’s commitment to drive the political will, leadership, and momentum required to materially grow annual resources for malaria. In their pledge to implement the declaration, African ministers of health have vowed to work with their heads of state and government to drive political will, prioritize malaria in government agendas, and increase domestic resource allocations for malaria programs.

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