ALMA is supporting the Ugandan Government with the development and strengthening the scorecard management tools for accountability and action, supporting the establishment of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Malaria and establishing the President’s Malaria Fund.

1.Uganda’s malaria scorecard for accountability and action

ALMA is supporting Uganda’s Ministry of Health in the implementation of the country’s malaria scorecard management tool for accountability and action. Uganda’s malaria scorecard was developed in 2017 by the National Malaria Control Division (NMCD) with support from ALMA and partners and is used to increase awareness about the malaria situation, support the identification of bottlenecks and drive action. Since its rollout, ALMA has supported the country in the strengthening of the scorecard management tool through adjusting its indicators and orienting the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Malaria (UPFM) on its use. In 2019, ALMA, together with other partners, supported a parliamentary retreat to define UPFMs two-year agenda.

  1. Uganda’s Malaria Fund

In 2018, the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Malaria (UPFM) was established by His Excellency President Museveni as a non-partisan forum for Members of Parliament forum to generate visibility and use the unique positioning of Members of Parliament (MPs) to accelerate malaria reduction and progress to elimination.

During the Launch of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Malaria and the Mass action Against Malaria (Zero Malaria Starts with Me), His Excellency President Museveni announced Uganda’s intention to establish a domestic-driven malaria fund to supplement existing funding for malaria control and accelerate progress towards elimination. ALMA is working with Uganda’s Ministry of Health, UPFM, other government ministries and authorities, and the private sector set up this fund.

  1. Uganda’s RMNCAH scorecard for accountability & action

Uganda’s RMNCAH scorecard management tool for action and accountability was first developed by the Ministry of Health in 2015 in collaboration with ALMA and partners. The scorecard tool is used to track key maternal and child health indicators, identify bottlenecks and drive action at the national, regional and community level. Since the launch, ALMA has supported the Ministry of Health in updating the scorecard indicators in line with changing priorities, decentralisation of the scorecard management tool and organizing district sharing and scorecard review meetings.