Congo (Republic of)

The Republic of Congo is a member state of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance. We support Congo in the implementation of the country’s scorecard tools.

Scorecard tools

Scorecard management tools are country-owned tools that provide a snapshot of the country’s national and subnational health performance. The colour-coded scorecard tool helps track performance of priority indicators, identify bottlenecks or gaps, increase accountability, and enhance decision making to drive action.

We support Congo with 2 scorecard tools:

  • malaria scorecard tool
  • neglected tropical diseases scorecard tool

Malaria scorecard tool

Congo’s malaria scorecard tool was developed in 2018 by the National Malaria Control Programme, with support from ALMA and other partners.

Neglected tropical diseases scorecard tool

Congo’s neglected tropical diseases scorecard tool was developed in 2019 by the Ministry of Public Health, with support from ALMA. The scorecard tool is being used at national level. It will be introduced at departmental and district levels when the subnational teams have been trained on the use of the scorecard tool.