Republic of Congo

ALMA is supporting Congo’s Ministry of Health and Population in the implementation of the country’s malaria, Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) scorecard management tools for accountability and action.

  1. Congo’s malaria scorecard for accountability and action

Congo’s National Malaria Control Programme developed the national malaria scorecard management tool for accountability and action in 2018 with support from ALMA and partners.

2. Congo’s Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) control and elimination scorecard

The Ministry of Health and Population led the development of Congo’s NTD Control and Elimination scorecard Tool in 2019.  The scorecard tool is used to increase awareness about NTDs, track key indicators, identify bottlenecks and drive action. The scorecard, is being used at national level first, and, it will be rolled out to departmental and district levels once the subnational teams are trained on the tool.