ALMA is supporting the Kenya’s Ministry of Health in the implementation of the country’s malaria, nutrition and Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) scorecard management tools for accountability and action. All the country’s scorecards are integrated with DHIS2 and produced routinely.

  1. Kenya’s malaria scorecard for accountability and action

Kenya’s National Malaria Control Programme developed the malaria scorecard management tool for accountability and action in 2014 with support from ALMA and partners. The scorecard tool is used to increase awareness about the malaria situation, support the identification of bottlenecks and drive action. Since the rollout, ALMA has supported the Ministry of Health to roll out the scorecard to the counties and strengthening its use as management tool.

  1. Kenya’s RMNCAH scorecard for accountability and action

Kenya’s RMNCAH scorecard management tool for action and accountability was first developed by the Ministry of Health in 2014 in collaboration with ALMA and partners. The scorecard tool is used to track key maternal and child health indicators, identify bottlenecks and drive action at the national and regional level. Since its rollout, ALMA has supported the Ministry of Health in the strengthening and decentralisation of the scorecard management tool to the 47 counties that are actively using the scorecard in support of evidence-based decision-making and timely response to the gaps and bottlenecks identified. Extensive use of the scorecard has led to service delivery improvements leading to increased performance, deepened political commitment, enhanced partner coordination and increased resource mobilisation for identified priorities.

  1. Kenya’s Nutrition scorecard

The Kenya nutrition scorecard was developed in 2019 guided by the national nutrition priorities as enshrined in the national strategic documents, continental nutrition priorities as provided in the continental Nutrition accountability scorecard as well as global nutrition commitments. Though at its infancy, the nutrition scorecard has attracted a lot of interest from the counties most of which have congratulated the national team for developing the scorecard. In addition, the counties have committed to use the scorecard to guide their actions and prioritise interventions.