The Kingdom of Eswatini is a member state of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance. We support Eswatini in the implementation of the country’s malaria scorecard tool, End Malaria Fund and Malaria Youth Corps.

Malaria scorecard tool

Scorecard management tools are country-owned tools that provide a snapshot of the country’s national and subnational health performance. The colour-coded scorecard tool helps track performance of priority indicators, identify bottlenecks or gaps, increase accountability, and enhance decision making to drive action.

Eswatini’s malaria scorecard tool was developed in 2015 by the National Malaria Elimination Programme, with support from ALMA and other partners.

End Malaria Fund

The Eswatini End Malaria Fund launched in May 2019, following His Majesty King Mswati III’s call to action. We continue to support Eswatini with the ongoing operations of the End Malaria Fund.

National End Malaria Councils are public-private partnerships established to help accelerate progress against malaria. The council is a country-led and owned initiative that brings together senior-level, multi-sectoral stakeholders. It is focused on driving action and accountability, resource mobilisation and advocacy in the fight against malaria.

Malaria Youth Corps

The Eswatini Malaria Youth Corps launched in January 2022.

National malaria youth corps are involved in a range of areas to improve action and accountability in the fight against malaria and to improve access to universal health coverage. 

Learn more about the Eswatini Malaria Youth Corps.