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Scorecard Web Platform Management Services - Request for Proposals

Deadline for Submission: 30 November 2019

Submission email address:

Established in September 2009, the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) is a unique forum for African leaders to work together to combat malaria in Africa and address challenges constraining progress. Forty-nine African Heads of State and Government are members of ALMA. ALMA supports the efforts of member countries to identify and address key bottlenecks and challenges to effective and sustained malaria control and elimination, and keep malaria high on the political and policy agenda at global, regional and national levels.
ALMA implements a monitoring, accountability and action mechanism to track results, identify bottlenecks and facilitate appropriate action at regional and country level. ALMA has supported countries in the development of their own scorecard management tools, including 29 RMNCAH scorecards, 40 malaria scorecards and 6 NTD scorecards. These have resulted in policy change, enhanced resources, mentoring and training to enhance performance for RMNCAH, malaria and NTDs.
The country scorecards are hosted on a webplatform, which users from 40+ countries access on a daily basis through a log-in. The webplatform is also linked to an iOS and Android app and linked to DHIS2 through a separate app.

The overall objective of this consultancy is to upgrade the existing webplatform to cope with the increase of users and to provide overall maintenance of the webplatform for one year.

Scope of Work
The Africa Leaders Malaria Alliance seeks to hire the services of a professional digital company with a proven track record in developing and maintaining large webplatforms. Experience in building APIs for DHIS2 would be preferred.
(Each element to be costed separately)
1. Infrastructure/architecture upgrade to make the platform more responsive and cope with the increasing data volume, number of users and feature complexity

2. Update of the DHIS2 plug-in to enable automatic scorecard update

3. 12 months of platform support and maintenance including:
a. Handling the hosting of the following website:, and, as well as underlying databases
b. Regularly backing up of and malariascorecard database every 24h
c. Providing second/third level support (first level support, i.e. questions from the users, to be handled by ALMA). This includes:
i. Fixing of any bugs
ii. Execution of tasks that can only be done on the database (e.g. emptying of a scorecard, re-enabling of deleted user, etc.)
iii. Support of ALMA staff in case of any technical/conceptual questions (e.g. regarding scorecard setup)
iv. Minor modifications of (and their “clone sites”)
v. Maintenance of the mobile apps

Applied technologies
• Database: SQL Server database
• API/backend: ASP.NET WebAPI 2.0 running on IIS - providing REST API and Websocket endpoints for Business logic middleware. Provides PDF export, Excel import/export, DHIS connection, scorecard management, user management, map upload, ...
• Business logic middleware: NodeJS application, maintaining client state, precalculating scorecard, caching of data, web socket connection to API and to frontend
• Web-Frontend: Web application that displays scorecards, allows editing, etc. - based on Angular
• DHIS2 plugin: addin to extract data from DHIS2 to JSON - based on AngularJS
• Username microservice: NodeJS microservice to identify which platforms a given username has access to - based on NestJS
• iOS app: iOS frontend for scorecard consumption - based on Swift
• Android app: Android frontend for scorecard consumption - based on Kotlin
• Database, API, business logic and web frontend operate in separate instances for each platform (RMNCAH. Malariascorecard, Demoscorecard)

Evaluation Criteria
ALMA will assess technical proposals against the following criteria:
1. Past organisational performance and proposed team to undertake the work. This includes experience developing, managing and supporting similar initiatives in the African region and at least two project examples demonstrating experience successfully undertaking similar work (dashboard etc). (weighting 30%).
2. Technical approach and methodology. Clearly outline the proposed approach to upgrading the webplatform and the Team CVs for providing the on-going support / platform maintenance. (weighting 50%)
3. Value for money assessment. ALMA will conduct a value for money assessment based on the price proposal (weighting 20%).