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ALMA PROVIDES SUPPORT to Tanzania's Food and Nutrition Center

In early September, the ALMA secretariat provided support to Tanzania's Food and Nutrition Center (TFNC) in the development of the African continent's first ever multi-sectoral Nutrition Scorecard. This set of meetings and trainings built upon the outcomes of a February workshop held in Dar es Salaam, which formally kicked-off the country's work on the nutrition scorecard.

The nutrition scorecard is a multi-sectoral effort, bringing together stakeholders in health, education, gender and social welfare, agriculture, water and sanitation, and is coordinated by TFNC.

Key outputs included further refinement of the indicators across sectors, training sessions to build local capacity at the regional and district levels, and the finalization of a roadmap for action that will guide the Government of Tanzania and its partners to finalize the nutrition scorecard in the coming year.