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  • NTD Senior Programme Officer
  • Director, Malaria Fund Secretariat


    Terms of Reference: Director, Malaria Fund Secretariat

    Title: Director

    Workplace: National Malaria Elimination Programme

    Place of Residence: Mbabane, Eswatini

    Term: 1 year, potentially renewable



    Countries across Africa are establishing high-level, multi-sector, country-led end malaria councils and funds. These initiatives bring together senior public- and private-sector leaders to advocate for malaria to remain high on the national agenda and mobilise additional resources to finance the national malaria strategic plan. In 2018, His Majesty the King announced a plan to establish a national malaria fund. This fund will operate as a public-private partnership governed by a board of directors to mobilise financial and in-kind contributions to help eliminate malaria in the Kingdom and then sustain elimination.

    The African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA), which is presently chaired by His Majesty the King, is providing technical support to help establish and manage the fund. ALMA is looking to hire a qualified individual who will support the board of directors to ensure that the fund is managed transparently and according to accepted accounting practices.

    Purpose and Scope of the Assignment

    Although hired by ALMA, the Director will be seconded to the Eswatini malaria fund to be the first member of the fund’s secretariat. The Director will work closely with the Chairperson of the Board and other directors to establish the fund and support its operations on a day-to-day basis. The secretariat will sit within the National Malaria Elimination Programme in Mbabane so that it can coordinate with the malaria programme and provide oversight over the use of fund resources.

    Key activities include:

    1.      Coordinate the creation of the malaria fund: Manage a workplan to coordinate stakeholders across multiple government ministries to enact regulations that will create the malaria fund.

    a.      Work with a diverse team of stakeholders to identify bottlenecks and barriers in the legislative process, propose solutions, and then track the execution of those solutions.

    b.      Prepare briefing materials for different stakeholders on the background of the fund.

    c.       Create a central repository of the draft regulations and keep stakeholders apprised of revisions or proposed changes.

    d.      Coordinate the logistics of a launch event, including supporting the planning, financing, contracting, and execution of the event.


    2.      Establish the malaria fund secretariat: Set up systems and processes to support the operations of the fund on a day-to-day basis.

    a.      Implement a centralised calendar and workplan tool to track meetings, events, commitments, and deadlines.

    b.      Develop a process for receiving, tracking, and evaluating funding proposals, including clear guidelines and requirements for proposals.

    c.       Develop a process for receiving, tracking, and reporting on contributions to the fund.

    d.      Establish a monitoring and evaluation framework for tracking resource mobilisation, deployment of resources, and the impact of funded activities.

    e.       Support the establishment of memoranda of understanding and other agreements with third parties.

    f.        Set up a process for tracking risks faced by the fund and work with the board to develop safeguards to mitigate those risks.

    g.      Implement other systems and operating procedures for keeping records, producing and distributing reports, and managing other activities of the fund.


    3.      Support the operations of the Board: Prepare for and manage board meetings.

    a.      Manage the logistics for board meetings and other fund events, including budgeting and contracting.

    b.      Compile and summarise proposals, prepare reports on fund operations and the use of fund assets, and produce reports other matters requiring the attention or action by the Board before each board meeting.

    c.       Document decisions of the board, ensure that they are implemented, and track implementation.

    d.      Liaise with the National Malaria Elimination Programme and other funded partners to identify activities that require funding based on the strategic plan and scorecard, define resource mobilisation targets, monitor the efficient use of fund assets, attend programme meetings to get status updates, and help resolve bottlenecks or escalate issues to the Board.

    e.       Monitor and evaluate resource mobilisation against targets and evaluate the impact of fund resources.

    f.        Produce routine reports for the Board, donors, regulators, and senior government officials on the performance of the fund and use of fund assets.

    g.      Provide support for advocacy by Board members.

    h.      Support audits and regulatory oversight.

    i.        Coordinate communications and media strategy.

    j.        Serve as the day-to-day point of contact for the fund.

    k.      Document best practices that can be share with similar funds in Eswatini and across the region.

    In addition to the duties listed above and depending on capacity, the Director may be asked to provide operational support to a fund or end malaria council in another country.


    Qualifications and Experience

    ·         Education: Advance university degree in management, finance, or accounting

    ·         Professional Experience:

    o   Essential:

    §  At least 7 years of relevant experience, preferably in management

    §  Experience in project, contract, and budget management

    §  Understanding of financial statements and business reports

    §  Experience working with senior corporate executives and/or government officials

    o   Desirable:

    §  Experience fundraising, managing grants, project financing, and working with donors

    §  Understanding of compliance and risk management

    §  Knowledge of malaria and/or development issues in Southern Africa

    §  Financial and business modelling / forecasting

    ·         Skills

    o   Strong analytical and strategic skills

    o   Advanced skills in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and other data analytics tools

    o   Excellent organisation and process / project management skills

    o   Excellent verbal and written English communication skills and ability to organise and present information effectively

    o   Ability to work independently and proactively

    o   Ability to facilitate conversations between diverse and senior stakeholders and foster consensus

    o   Diplomatic skills


    Chairperson of the Board of Directors and ALMA.


    The Director will receive support from ALMA’s secretariat.


    To Apply, please send a copy of your CV and three references to by 4th March 2019.